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Nicole Harris

“I don’t have time to improve my business.”

I’ve never heard anyone say that, have you? What I have heard, year after year at GlassBuild America, is why taking a few days away from your business improves your business.

—Nicole Harris, president and CEO, National Glass Association, organizer of GlassBuild America

Gregory A. Oehlers

Embrace Change | Keep up to date with next-generation industry innovations at GlassBuild America

How can the design, fabricator and installing community stay on-point and up to date? An important way to embrace change and learn about essential developments in the industry is attending events such as GlassBuild America. 

—Gregory A. Oehlers, executive director, architectural sales, Tristar Glass Inc.

Mark Mitchell

GlassBuild America | A Trade Show That Gets Exhibitors

Not all building materials trade shows are a good investment for all exhibiting industry companies. Sometimes, to get better results from your trade show budget, you need to go to different shows.

—Mark Mitchell, CEO, Whizard Strategy


Gain the Most Value from GlassBuild America

In 30+ years in the glass industry, I have experienced being on both sides of the aisle at numerous events and conferences and I’ve managed more than a decade of GlassBuild America exhibits. In 2017, I revisited the role of attendee at GlassBuild for the first time in many years. No matter my role, I have always seen value in participating in the show.

—Alice Dickerson, founder and managing director, Division 08 Marketing LLC

Steven Brooks

GlassBuild: the Catalina Wine Mixer of the Glass and Fenestration Industries

GlassBuild is the only time of year when every manufacturer has equipment on display in the same room. If you are in the market for handling equipment or machinery, it is the best place to shop and find out what will work for you and your team. There is no other place in the United States where you can see the huge amount of equipment or machines up close and in person.

—Steven Brooks, national sales director, SmartLift US

Steven Brooks

The Value in Attending Industry Events: Or, why Guardian Glass will feature a refrigeration unit at GlassBuild America

All of us in the glass industry—in any industry—spend a lot of time talking on the phone, texting and emailing customers and colleagues. This is all time well spent, but it pales in comparison to meeting in person and showing products in a fresh way.

—Eric Wroldsen, director of marketing, Guardian Glass U.S. – Canada