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Nicole Harris

“I don’t have time to improve my business.”

I’ve never heard anyone say that, have you? What I have heard, year after year at GlassBuild America, is why taking a few days away from your business improves your business.

—Nicole Harris, president and CEO, National Glass Association, organizer of GlassBuild America

Gregory A. Oehlers

Embrace Change | Keep up to date with next-generation industry innovations at GlassBuild America

How can the design, fabricator and installing community stay on-point and up to date? An important way to embrace change and learn about essential developments in the industry is attending events such as GlassBuild America. 

—Gregory A. Oehlers, executive director, architectural sales, Tristar Glass Inc.

Mark Mitchell

GlassBuild America | A Trade Show That Gets Exhibitors

Not all building materials trade shows are a good investment for all exhibiting industry companies. Sometimes, to get better results from your trade show budget, you need to go to different shows.

—Mark Mitchell, CEO, Whizard Strategy


Gain the Most Value from GlassBuild America

In 30+ years in the glass industry, I have experienced being on both sides of the aisle at numerous events and conferences and I’ve managed more than a decade of GlassBuild America exhibits. In 2017, I revisited the role of attendee at GlassBuild for the first time in many years. No matter my role, I have always seen value in participating in the show.

—Alice Dickerson, founder and managing director, Division 08 Marketing LLC

Steven Brooks

GlassBuild: the Catalina Wine Mixer of the Glass and Fenestration Industries

GlassBuild is the only time of year when every manufacturer has equipment on display in the same room. If you are in the market for handling equipment or machinery, it is the best place to shop and find out what will work for you and your team. There is no other place in the United States where you can see the huge amount of equipment or machines up close and in person.

—Steven Brooks, national sales director, SmartLift US

Eric Wroldsen

The Value in Attending Industry Events: Or, why Guardian Glass will feature a refrigeration unit at GlassBuild America

All of us in the glass industry—in any industry—spend a lot of time talking on the phone, texting and emailing customers and colleagues. This is all time well spent, but it pales in comparison to meeting in person and showing products in a fresh way.

—Eric Wroldsen, director of marketing, Guardian Glass U.S. – Canada

Dustin Anderson

GlassBuild for the Glazier

In the midst of constant hiring and retention struggles, I find that getting key employees to GlassBuild is hugely beneficial to the culture of my business. Selfishly, I enjoy going to the show because not only do I get the opportunity to attend the Glazing Executives Forum (only scary by its name; more on this later), but I get to spend time walking the show floor listening to industry experts speak, identifying new products that are key to the growth of my business, and grabbing a few really rad pens along the way.

Dustin Anderson, owner, Anderson Glass, Waco, Texas

Keith Boswell

An Architect’s Perspective on GlassBuild America

Architects like to ‘kick the tires’ – the more physical materials and systems to experience and explore, the better. A trade show floor like GlassBuild is a prime event for this type of hands-on experience. It is important for the glass industry to create an atmosphere of interest and the opportunity to learn.

—Keith Boswell, FAIA, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP – San Francisco

Michael Spellman

The Important Conversations at GlassBuild America

GlassBuild is a great way for people to find what they need to improve their bottom line. We believe when someone comes into the IGE pavilion that we are there to provide him or her with the options and opportunities to do just that. We constantly scour the world, but once a year we stay put and allow the world to come to us.

—Michael Spellman, founder and CEO, IGE Glass Technologies


The Power of Association

The best advice I can give to individuals is to learn an industry and, in turn, that industry will take care of you. Experience in sales, technology and the like are important. Taking the time to choose an industry and learn it will generate exponential value for oneself, the employer and the industry. Companies come and go; jobs change; but, the industry—especially the glass industry—will remain.

—Paul Daniels, former senior vice president of sales, C.R. Laurence Co.


Enabling Technology for Tomorrow’s Demands

From Quanex at GlassBuild 2019

New demands for heightened energy performance will only grow stronger in the coming years. How can the fenestration industry ensure that windows and glass continue to play a vital role, delivering occupancy comfort while meeting the toughest energy demands?

—Eric Thompson, commercial sales manager, and Joe Erb, product commercial sales specialist, Quanex Building Products


Solving the Labor Issue

The overarching problem is that there is a massive labor shortage in our industry. And, the higher you go, the more difficult it is to fill a role. What magnifies this is that we try to solve this shortage using “tried and true” methods we’ve applied for many years on end. From using recruiters for management level roles to going to job fairs and reaching out to technical schools for labor roles. Sure, those used to work, but what about now?

—Mitch Lewandowski, vice president of sales - North America, Soft Tech Group


Walk the Walk

GlassBuild America takes place next week in Atlanta, GA. If you’ve seen or spoken with me at any point over the last three months, this shouldn’t come as news to you. And while I’ve likely told you “why” you should go to GlassBuild, this message is personal.

—Andrew Haring, vice president of business development, National Glass Association