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Who do I contact if I have a question about my exhibit participation at GlassBuild America? 

  • Zoe Buckmaster, Exhibit Services Manager: 703-442-4890, ext. 124
    Questions about: Booth Payment, Booth Confirmation, Booth Info (Products, Description), Exhibitor Registration, Customer Guest Passes, Promotional Tools, Proof of Insurance.
  • Debbi Bassett, Floor Manager: 703-851-4174
    Pre-Show and On-Site Questions about: Show Rules & Regulations, Display Guidelines, Ordering Freeman Services, Convention Center Policies & Procedures, Official Vendors, general shipping questions, Freight Targets.


What is included in my booth space?

(For complete display information, refer to our Show Rules & Regulations and 2019 Display Guidelines)

Booth Space purchased is “floor space” only with appropriate pipe and drape.

  • Exhibitors with a linear booth/inline booth (10x10, 10x20, 10x30) receive 8-foot back drape and 3-foot high side drapes. The drape color will be blue, grey and black. Show management requires all exhibitors have carpet/floor covering in their booth. Your display height permitted is a maximum of 8 feet high in the back part of your booth.
  • Exhibitors occupying an island configuration do not receive pipe and drape. If you would like to incorporate drape in your island display, you must order it from the official contractor at your own expense.

Your space fees paid to NGA\GlassBuild America do not include carpet, furnishings, display items, utilities, lead retrieval, etc.   

How do I order display items?

Our Official Service Contractor is Freeman Decorating. You can order carpet, chairs/tables or specialty furnishings, wastebasket, booth cleaning, labor, material handling and domestic shipping. You must set up an account with Freeman to have access to online ordering. Set up Freeman Account.   

What is Freeman's customer support phone number?

Dial (888) 508-5054 (US & Canada) to speak with a customer support representative for GlassBuild America.
Discount Deadline for Online Orders: August 21, 2019

How do I order additional services for my booth?

Additional services are offered by our Official Vendors for Audio Visual, Photography, Plant & Floral, Lead Retrieval, and Hostess/Temporary Services. Catering (Centerplate) and Telecommunications/Wi-Fi/Internet (Cox Business) are exclusive vendors of the Georgia World Congress Center. These services must be ordered directly with each vendor separately. See options, forms, and pricing under Official Vendor Services on the Exhibitor Services page.

Do I need to order labor to set-up my booth?

Freeman has an agreement with the Local IATSE Union to provide labor for display installation and dismantling. Full-time employees of the exhibiting companies, however, may set their own exhibits without the assistance of this Local. Any labor services that may be required beyond what your regular full-time employees can provide must be rendered by the Union or an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor.

Labor can be ordered in advance by returning the Display Labor Form, or at show site, at the Freeman Service Center. If an EAC is chosen, they must meet all regulations specified on the EAC form.

Freeman Labor information and order forms

What is an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC)?

If you, the exhibitor, have contracted with any firm/vendor other than those appointed by Show Management, you must complete the EAC form and return it no later than August 12, 2019 (30 days prior to move-in) per the instructions. In addition, it is your responsibility to inform your contractors regarding providing proof of liability/compensation insurance to Show Management, to abide by the Show Rules & Regulations, and to ensure they are verified through the Worker Identification System.  EAC Form

What do I need to do if I am bringing/displaying machinery or equipment?

Show Management has created a helpful guide for machinery/equipment companies in shipping, packaging & receiving guidelines, utilities, and show rules & regulations. Please refer to the Machinery Guidelines for these specific instructions.

What are the Georgia World Congress Center Policies and Procedures?

In addition to Show Management Rules & Regulations, the facility publishes additional information to ensure exhibitors adhere to building, city and state codes.   GWCC Operating Policies and Procedures


How do I ship freight to my booth?

Domestic: Freeman Transportation can provide a quote for domestic freight services. You can ship in advance of the show to Freeman’s warehouse (weight restrictions may apply) or directly to the show site. Addresses and freight deadlines are provided via Freeman’s Quick Facts or their website. Shipping in advance to the warehouse is a cost savings.

International: If you are shipping internationally, Kuehne+Nagel is the official freight forwarder and can assist you with customs and shipping. Review International Shipping information

What is Material Handling/Drayage?

Material Handling/Drayage is a fee based on the weight of your freight. The charge includes the unloading of your exhibit materials, delivering to the booth, the handling of empty containers to and from storage and removing of material from the booth for reloading onto outbound carriers when the show closes. It also includes storing for up to 30 days if sent in advance to the warehouse address.

Charges may be Straight Time or Over Time, based on when your delivery takes place. All exhibitors are asked to provide shipment details to the general contractor (Freeman), including estimates for weight, multiple shipments, number of pieces, and date/time of arrival.  Complete and submit Material Handling Estimates in advance, so Freeman can ensure the proper equipment and labor are available for timely delivery to your booth.

Material Handling/Drayage does NOT INCLUDE any cost to transport your exhibit materials
 to the warehouse or directly to show site.
We encourage you to ship in advance to the warehouse, if possible, to expedite your move-in.

Can I hand carry my materials to my booth?

Exhibitors and full-time employees of exhibiting companies may hand carry their own materials into the exhibit facility. However, the use of dollies, flat trucks, pallet jacks or other mechanical equipment is not permitted. Vehicles must not be left unattended at the loading areas. Any unattended vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Can I drive up to the loading docks to unload?

All deliveries must check into the Marshalling Yard (see directions and map via Freeman Services) when they arrive and will be directed to a designated privately owned vehicle (POV) unloading area directly into the Exhibit Hall. Material handling/drayage will be charged if using this option. Acceptable vehicles include passenger automobile, minivan, sport utility vehicle, pick-up truck, and full-size van.

Freeman has the responsibility of receiving and handling all exhibit materials and crates and will control access to the loading docks to provide a safe and orderly move in/out. Unloading or reloading at the dock of all contracted carriers will be handled by Freeman.


Exhibitor Console

Your guide to planning and preparation. Update your company’s online profile and keep track of show related information and announcements about registration, hotels, promotional tools, and deadlines by bookmarking access to your Exhibitor Console.

Familiarize yourself with the resources and references made available to you through the console. 
Go to the Exhibitor Console
Enter your unique company password 
Click on each button to explore the content
Contact Zoe Buckmaster for assistance. 

The show web site is designed to provide information both attendees and exhibitors need to prepare and plan their time in Atlanta. The “Exhibit/Sponsor” Tab contains specific information for your reference. Please also visit the items listed under all the other tabs provided that cover event schedules, education programs, special events, travel and the mobile show app.

Show Management and Vendors

NGA GlassBuild America Staff are available to assist with your questions and to help you locate information. Email Staff
Contact information for our Official Vendors is available via Exhibitor Services. Please contact them directly to help facilitate your orders for booth displays, utilities, catering, etc.


Exhibitor Deadlines
Place orders EARLY!
Take full advantage of cost–saving discounts by meeting show and vendor deadlines! You will receive periodic updates and reminders as deadlines approach but use this as a “Checklist” as you prepare for the show.

Exhibitor Schedule
Includes Move-In/Freight Targets, Show Hours and Move-Out

Event Schedule
* All GlassBuild America events will take place at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) unless otherwise noted.
See when and where all events are taking place during the show, plan to attend the Express Learning sessions, the Action Demos, and find information about other education opportunities.


Per the contract provisions you approved via your Application submission, here are some important “stand outs” you need to know:

  • PROHIBITION OF SALES: Exhibitor agrees to restrict all sales activities on the Show floor to order taking only and only within the confines of the contracted exhibit space. The delivery of merchandise or the receipt of payment for such merchandise is strictly prohibited on the Show floor.
  • OUTBOARDING: No Show Exhibitor shall hold any large-scale meetings or events that conflict with the Show hours or official Show events unless Show Management has given prior approval.

Review the Show Rules & Regulations in full which contains information about the show’s photography policy, fire and safety, security, on-site storage, insurance, etc.


How do I book my Hotel?

Book online through our Official Housing Company, EventSphere. Accommodations
Don’t miss out on the show group rate and great locations close to the Georgia World Congress Center. Rates are available through August 16, 2019 based on availability.

Note: If you require blocks of five (5) or more rooms, or would like to secure a suite, please contact the official housing vendor EventSphere at to request more information.

*Be aware and avoid dealing with deceptive companies known as Housing “Pirates” and “Poachers” who may claim they are our official vendor.


How do we register our Booth Personnel?

Show Management will send exhibit contacts an Exhibitor Registration Code to register booth personnel.  Exhibitors require this Exhibitor Registration Code to proceed. Contact Zoe Buckmaster if you did not receive your code to register.

What is Exhibitor Badge Pick-Up?

Exhibiting companies may have their badges grouped together for one easy pick-up registration process. Note: Badges will not be mailed in advance and all badges must be picked-up onsite. Contact Wendy Rochelle for more information about this exhibitor service!


How do I update my Booth Information and Products Online?

  • Go to the Exhibitor Console
  • Enter your unique company password
  • Go to Exhibitors, Exhibitor Service Center, Edit Booth Info

This ONE IMPORTANT STEP ensures your company is included in:

  • Updates on Make sure this information is current! Your profile is viewed by attendees via the floor plan and exhibitor list as soon as you are confirmed.
  • Show Mobile App: The Booth Information and products you complete will filter to the Show Mobile App! Don’t miss the opportunity to have current and relevant details available to attendees!
  • Show Catalog: The exhibit name, address, and products from your profile will be published in the Show Catalog. The deadline to update specifically for publication is July 9, 2019.
    Contact Zoe Buckmaster for assistance.

Promotional Tools

  • All exhibiting companies are listed via the online floorplan and Mobile App.
  • We supply your company name to our official industry trade publications for possible editorial promotion.

What is a Customer Guest Pass?

Invite your customers to attend the trade show and visit your booth for free! Contact Zoe Buckmaster if you did not receive your Guest Pass Code.

How can I advertise in the Official Show Publications?

Please contact our industry publications for advertising. You can also place a print ad in our on-site Show Catalog.
Contact an Ad Sales Representative

Official Publications of GlassBuild America: Glass Magazine and Window & Door Magazine

How can I receive editorial coverage?

GlassBuild America’s official publications will request product submissions via email for editorial consideration.

Are there sponsorship opportunities related to the show?

There are both show and education sponsorship opportunities at GlassBuild America. Expand your reach beyond your booth and get more attendees to notice your company! View Sponsorship Opportunities   

What is Lead Retrieval/Lead Management?

Lead Retrieval is an opportunity for you to scan and capture the details of your booth visitors. Registration data is linked to their badge credentials so you can follow up at the completion of the show. We encourage all exhibitors, especially those at GlassBuild America for the first-time, to order this service from our official vendor, Experient and ask about the First-Time Exhibitor Discount!

(Show Management does not provide any post-show lists of attendees, so order lead retrieval today!)

Can I get meeting space at the convention center during the show? 

Interested in meeting space to hold anything from breakfast kickoffs, to sales meetings, luncheons to cocktail receptions?  Limited space is available.  Please complete the meeting space reservation form or contact Wendy Rochelle for assistance.

How do I order Temporary Personnel for my booth?

Are you in need of host/hostess, greeter, interpreter, or other personnel to help staff your booth or reception? Contact Wendy Rochelle or complete the Temporary Personnel Form.

From Show Management…

We look forward to working with you and your colleagues to ensure successful participation for your company! If you have any questions as you prepare, please let us know: Phone: 1-703-442-4890.

Molly Grenn – Events Director ext. 170
Natalie Norris, CEM – Sr. Manager, Tradeshow Operations ext. 174
Zoe Buckmaster – Exhibit Services Manager  ext. 124
Wendy Rochelle – Meetings Manager ext. 173
Danitza Medrano – Event Coordinator ext. 125
Kathy Swaak – Project Administrato ext. 183
Jonathan Watson – Sales Manager & Sponsorships ext. 142